Civil and clerical clothing of the ancient Roman Empire.

Ancient, Roman, Costumes, Peasants, Noble Man, Sacrificial Assistants, Priest of Jupiter, High Priest, Senator, Equestrian,
The Roman Empire.

Ancient Roman Costumes.

The Costumes of all Nations by Albert Kretschmer.

From left to right first row:

  • 1.2. Peasants
  • 3.4. Roman Travelling Costume
  • 5. Noble Man
  • 6.7. Sacrificial Assistants
  • 8. Priest of Jupiter
  • 9. High Priest

Second Row:

  • 10. Public Orator
  • 11. Senator
  • 12. Citizen of the later time
  • 13. Equestrian

Source: Carl Rohrbach, Albert Kretschmer. The Costumes of all Nations from the Earliest Times to the Nineteenth Century: Exhibiting the Dress and Habits of All Classes, Regal, Ecclesiastical, Noble, Military, Judicial, and Civil. H. Sotheran, London 1882.


Note:  Roman warriors. Military costumes of heavy infantryman.
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