Coiffure of Maria de’ Medici at the time of Henri IV.

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Maria de’ Medici (1575 –1642). Coiffure Henri IV.

Coiffure of Maria de’ Medici at the time of Henri IV.

Marie de’ Medici, Queen of France 1575-1642.

Maria de’ Medici (1575-1642) was descended from the powerful and wealthy Florentine Medici family on her father’s side and, as the second wife of the French King Henry IV, had been Queen of France since 1600. In 1601 she became the mother of the future Louis XIII.

After the assassination of Henry IV in 1610, she took over the regency for the still minor king for several years.

Against her resistance, her son exercised the reign himself from 1617. Although she promoted the rise of the later Cardinal Richelieu, she later came into conflict with him and lost the power struggle fought against him in 1630. She lived in exile from 1631. The power-conscious queen dowager also emerged as an important patroness of the arts.

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„Album de coiffures histories“ by E. Nissy. Published 1890 by Albert Brunet.

Illustration, hairstyle, Albert Brunet,