Clothing of the late antiquity and middle ages. 5th to 10th c.

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Clothing of the late antiquity and Middle Ages. 5th to 10th century.

Clothing of the late antiquity and middle ages

Top row left: Warriors in armor, helmet, shield, swords and lances of the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium. Right: Clothing Frankish noble ladies. Emperor Charles the Great and Empress.
Bottom row left: Carolingian Frankish court costumes. Right: Pre-Christian time. Clothing of the old Egyptians. Egyptian warrior. Egyptian King (Pharaoh) in war dress. Egyptian charioteer.

(From Charlemagne survives no contemporary portrait. One of the oldest representations of Charles found in the Sacramentary of Charles the Bald from around 870, which shows him in the Carolingian clothing and thus provides a representative view of a high nobleman of the Carolingian period)

Source: On the history of costumes. The Munich Picture Gallery 1848 to 1898.

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