Spain. Costumes of the nobility, 13th c.

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Spain. Costumes of the nobility

Spain. Costumes of the nobility (From the Lapidary of D. Alonso el Sabio).

Espana. Trajes de la nobleza. (Del Lapidario de D. Alonso el Sabio.)

The Lapidarium of D. Alonso the Wise. Alfonso X (called the Wise, Spanish El Sabio; 1221-1284), King of Castile and León from 1252 to 1282 and from 1257 to 1273 (1284) was king (anti-king ) of the Holy Roman Empire. He was the first son of Ferdinand III. the saint and his first wife Beatrice of Swabia, a subsidiary of the Roman-German King Philip of Swabia. Alfons is considered the founder of the Castilian national literature.

Source: Galería del Arte Decorativo: Enciclopedia Universal de Trajes, Armas, Muebles, Arquitectura, Útiles Domésticos y Ornamentación de Todos los Tiempos. Editor: J. Aleu Fugarull, Barcelona 1824.

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