French military hairstyles and helmets.

French military hairstyles and helmets. 18th century uniform.

French military hairstyles and helmets.

Glance at the French military hairstyles and helmets.

Coup d’oeil sur les coiffures militaires Françaises 1780-1894

Associated to:

  1. The French Republic 1789 to 1804.
  2. Reign of Napoleon I. 1804 to 1814.
  3. Reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X. 1815 to 1830.
  4. Reign of Philippe. 1830 to 1848.
  5. Fashion and Costumes of the The Second Republic. 1848 -1851
  6. Offensive and defensive armor and weapons.
Note:  Voltigeur. Infanterie légère d'une compagnie de voltigeurs (Mexique).

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