The Opium Smoker. Der Junggeselle, Berlin 1921.

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The Opium Smoker

The Opium Smoker from fashion magazine “Der Junggeselle“, Berlin 1921.

The Bachelor (German: Der Junggeselle) was a art deco magazine that was published weekly in Berlin in the 1920s. The first edition was published in 1918.

The magazine was known for illustrations of many artists of the Art Deco as Jeanne Mammen, Jupp Wiertz or Rolf Niczky. In an advertisement from 1923 states: “The great and sustainable success is due to the special touch of the sheet that combines the gallant-erotic moment with hard-hitting editorials and economic considerations into a whole in the context of fashionable manners description. With ruthless candor all circles of society is a mirror held up. “

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