Regency round gown with white taffeta bonnet 1794.

Regency round gown . Georgian fashion. Jane Austen costumes.

Morning Dresses December 1794

Regency round gown with white taffeta bonnet 1794.

The Gallery of Fashion December 1794. England Morning Dresses.


White taffeta bonnet, trimmed with a coquelicot and white striped riband, tied down with a half handkerchief; two white ostrich feathers, tipped with coquelicot, on the left side; deep black lace veil. Round gown of fine India dimity, flounced with plain muslin. Sash of coquelicot taffeta. Double handkerchief crossed and tied behind. White muslin cloak, trimmed with the same. Blue fox fur tippet. Grey gloves. Coquelicot and white striped shoes.


The hair lightly frizzed, the hind hair in ringlets. White beaver hat, trimmed with carnation-coloured riband. White military full craped feather placed in the front. Pink and orange striped and black spotted demiseason silk close dress, scollopped at the bottom. Large white double handkerchief, and a yellow silk half handkerchief over it. Black silk cloak, trimmed with lace. Yellow gloves and shoes.

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