Society and Spring toilet. Le costume moderne. Journal illustré de modes.

Art nouveau fashion. Sans-Ventre-Corset. Belle Époque costumes.
Spring toilet of houndstooth Batiste voile.
Art nouveau fashion. Belle Époque fashion.
Spring toilet from pastel cloth.
Sans-Ventre-line, costumes, Belle Époque, Corsage
Society toilet of fantasy taffeta.

Society and Spring toilet in 1906.

Spring toilet of houndstooth Batiste voile. Corsage opening into Jack corners, bordered by aperture taffeta and lace jabot together in a kicking, plastron with embroidery. Stocking of little buttons with eyelets. High silk belt. Ball sleeves with embroidery tulip and iris border, finally in a lacy frill. Skirt with wide stripes embroidery, bounded by taffeta dazzle.

Spring toilet from pastel cloth. Corsage, opening in deep lapels, oblique closing vest with pointed collar and jabot. The body folds easily in the high, curly corset belt with button trim. Puff sleeves with cuff. Rich skirt is double aperture attachment, an overdress marking.

Society toilet of fantasy taffeta. The corsage, obliquely opening in the reverse of bright silk, silk shawl trimmed with small ruffles like. Shoulder ruffles covered, which end with rosettes. Side waist closing with rosettes. Small gauze chemise. Puff sleeves with flounce approaches. Easy Enqueued skirt with two ruffles, above conclusively by band clasps and rosettes.

Source: Le costume moderne. Journal illustré de modes. Specialist journal for the entire women’s costume compartment. Published by C. Heinemann, Berlin 1906.