Egypt. A Girl performing on the Tarabuka.

Tarabuka, Goblet drum, Egypt, women costume,
Egyptian girl playing the tarabuka, 1850.

A woman performing on the Tarabuka, 1850.

Goblet drums (also tarabuka) are single-sheet drums widely used in Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Goblet drums are a type of membranophone in which one side is larger than the other and the shell resembles the shape of a goblet or chalice. This group includes the darbuka and the djembe.

The tarabuka hase an hourglass shape and can be made of many materials: metal, pottery and wood.

These drums are usually played with the fingers, while being held under the arm or over a leg, while the drum player is seated. When played standing, the drums are suspended from the body using a cord.

Illustration, damasks, ornament
Note:  The Cenacle and the Tomb of David of Mount Sion at Jerusalem.
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