Art Nouveau costume, reform dress, 1900

Art Nouveau fashion 1900, Reform dress.

Depiction of a woman in a so-called reform dress. These clothes were to prevail and remained an episode of the early 20th century fashion history. The background was a reform movement, which for an exemption from social constraints and, consequently, against the health damaging fashion, for example, the corsetCul de Paris. Fashion and costume in 1880.. Read more ... », pleaded.
Monte Verita at Ascona in the Ticino, was a stronghold of the movement. Founded by pacifists and reformers Gusto Gräser, it became a rallying point for the former alternative movement. Mary Wigman, Hermann Hesse, Erich Mühsam, Emil Jannings, and Isadora Duncan, just to name a few, were connected with this place.
On this postcard, the woman is presented in manner of a Greek tunic. But what coincides with the above-mentioned epoch.
By the prudery of the society of that time, the classic antique was used as a model for a clothing Reformation.