Maori Poi Dance, New Zealand 1913

Maori Poi Dance, New Zealand 1913. "Poi" as an art form originated in the Māori in New Zealand. The origin of Poi itself is relatively little studied, mainly because oral traditions are known. The Ur-Poi were an invention of Maori women and consisted of two equally long branches that were … Continue reading

Māori Wahine New Zealand

Māori Wahine, New Zealand 1913. Māori Wahine (The Māori word for woman) with mat of kiwi feathers and pendent heitiki. From the book: Picturesque New Zealand (1913) by Paul Gooding. Photography by Muir & Moodie; and Josiah … Continue reading

The Ducal Haka, Rotorua. New Zealand 1913.

The Ducal Haka, Rotoroa Island. New Zealand 1913. Māori warriors wearing piu-pius of flax, and equipped as for battle performing the Poi dance, stick games and the “haka” war dance. One section wearing alternately red and white dresses, and another wearing hukareres, or blouses, of … Continue reading