French Marquis in the Reign of Louis XV 1740

French Marquis in Rococo costume. France18th century clothing. Louis XV Ancien Régime fashion. Court Dress in Versailles

Marquis in the Reign of Louis XV 1740

France Marquis in the Reign of Louis XV 1740.

France 18th century rococo clothing. Louis XV Ancien Régime fashion. Court Dress in Versailles.  Habit à la française: Justaucorps, Tricorne and (Rhinegrave) Breeches.

“Modes et Costumes Historiques“. Drawing by Xavier Willemin. Edited and steel engraving by Hippolyte Louis Emile and Polidor Jean Charles Pauquet. Published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin London, 1864.

 Louis XIV. , Louis XV. , Louis XVI., Baroque, Rococo, Directoire, French Revolution, Regency, Empire, Restoration or Romanticism fashion era. German Biedermeier.


  1. The French Fashion History.
  2. Reign of Charles IX. 1560 to 1574. (Tudor, Renaissance, Spanish court dress)
  3. Reign of Henri III. 1574 to 1589. (Renaissance, early Baroque, Spanish court dress, Tudor)
  4. Reigns of Henri IV. and Louis XIII. 1589 to 1643. (Baroque)
  5. Reign of Louis XIV. 1643 to 1715. (Baroque)
  6. The Reign of Louis XV. 1715 to 1774.
  7. Reign of Louis XVI. 1780 to 1789.
  8. The French Republic 1789 to 1802.
  9. Timeline of the French Revolution 1789 – 1799.
  10. Les Modes sous la revolution 1792-1799 by Paul Louis Victor de Giafferri.
  11. Reign of Napoleon I. 1804 to 1814. France empire.
  12. Reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X. 1815 to 1830. Restoration,  Romanticism
  13. Fashion in the Reign of Philippe. 1830 to 1848. Victorian era. Romanticism fashion.
  14. The Second Republic. 1848 -1851. Victorian era. “Second Rococo”.
  15. The use of the Corset in the reign of Louis XVI.
  16. Ladies hat styles from 1776-1790 by Rose Bertin.
  17. Fashion under the  French revolution 1789 to 1802.
  18. Paris fashion 1793 to 1795. French revolution.
  19. The Execution of the King Louis XVI.
  20. The Execution of Marie-Antoinette.
  21. The Incroyables and Muscadins. The French directory dandies.
  22. Les Incroyables et Merveilleuses. Directoire fashion by Horace Vernet.
  23. Nymphs and Merveilleuses. By Octave Uzanne.
  24. Fashion in Paris after the Revolution. By Octave Uzanne. 1796-1800.
  25. Portraits by people during the French Revolution
  26. The Gallery of Fashion. by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.
  27. Comparison of the French and English modes. 1808 to 1815
  28. The Salon of Madame Récamier during the French Revolution.
  29. The Salons of Paris before the French Revolution.
  30. Caraco à la francaise in 1786.
  31. The Evolution of Modern Feminine Fashion 1786.
  32. Fashion in Paris and London, 1780 to 1788.
  33. Historic hairstyles from Ancient times to the Empire.
  34. The Corset and the Crinolin from Remote Periods to the Present Time.
  35. Lace History. Reference List of Italian Laces.
  36. Collection of antique fabric design.
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