Emperor Charles V on his way to the convent, 1556.

Emperor, Charles, V, Cáceres, Extremadura, Renaissance,
Charles V on his way to the convent after Hermann Schneider 1894

The Spanish Emperor Charles V on his way to the convent.

On 12 September 1556, Emperor Charles V (1500-1558), announced the task of his authorities at the age of 55 years, the most powerful man in the world, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation and king of the Spanish Empire “on which the sun never set”, what was unprecedented in the history of the Holy Roman Empire. 

Emperor Charles V reached on 11 November 1556 with his entourage Tornavacas in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura. The convoy consisted of a variety of riders and servants, with whom Charles V was traveling in a sedan chair still preserved in the remote region.

The last two years of life spent the Emperor Charles V in a villa of the monastery of San Jeronimo de Yuste founded by the Hieronymite Order of monks in 1402. There he died on 21 September 1558.

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