A purse worn by Sir Walter Scott.

A purse worn by Sir Walter Scott. England Empire, Regency Accessoires.

Sir Walter Scott Purse

 A purse worn by Sir Walter Scott.

THIS purse, which is much worn, is made of mole-skin of a dark grey colour. The clasp is silver with ornament in strong relief. The outline of the clasp is varied by curves, and there is a double curve at the corners. The skin is fastened to the clasp by silver pins, and the purse shuts with a spring lever and catch, and is opened by pressing two silver pins close to the hinges. The purse has two pockets, and is lined with pale yellow kid; the central division has been renewed and bound with pale red ribbon. The plate shows the purse both open and shut both views being drawn full size. It contains a piece of paper on which is written: “An old purse worn by Sir Walter Scott for many years, made of mole-skin.”

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