Armenian Hamal. A porter or bearer in the Ottoman Empire.

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Armenian Hamal. A porter or bearer

Armenian Hamal. A porter or bearer in the Ottoman Empire.

Hammal, ḥammāl in Arabic, was the name given to the occupation of carrier. The Hammal had their own organisation, a kind of early union. They carried the merchandise through the narrow streets of Constantinople between the Han. The large warehouses were referred to as Han.

Source: Stamboul, Recollections of Eastern Life by Amedeo Preziosi. Published by Lemercier Paris 1861.

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A Hamal or common porter by Octavian Dalvimart (with detailed description).
The Costume of Turkey by Octavian Dalvimart. Printed by Howlett and Brimmer. Published in London, 1804.

Note:  A Hamal or common porter at Istanbul. Ottoman Empire
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