Armor of Louis XIV. Italian school. Defensive weapons.

Italian school, Armor, Louis XIV, 17th century, Defensive, weapon, Baroque,
Italian school. Armor of Louis XIV.

Armor of Louis XIV. 17th century.

Italian school. Defensive weapons. Wrought iron, decorated with engravings. Museum of Artillery, Paris. 

This armour, given to King Louis XIV after the conquest of Flanders, has long belonged to the Musée des Souverains in the Louvre. It consists of a head pot, seat shell furnished with a visor, a neck cover and two orcilleres (10301); a breastplate (10296); a portaconniere, tassettes and a kidney guard (10297); armbands with shoulder pads, cubiters and gauntlets (10298); shorts and strikes, kneepads and solerets (10305 et 10307).

Cette armure, offerte au roi Louis XIV, aprés la conquête des Flandres, a longtempes appartenu au musée des Souverains, au Louvre. Elle se compose d’un pot en tête, easque de siège garni d’une visière, d’une couvre-nuque et de deux orcillères (10301); d’une cuirasse (10296); d’une braconnière, des tassettes et d’une garde-rein (10297); des brassars avec epaulière, cubitière et gantelet (10298); des cuissards et des grèves, des genouilleres et des solerets (10305 et 10307).

Illustration, damasks, ornament
Note:  Crossbow of the 15th century. Ranged weapon with fishbone bow.
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