Donna di Torino. Woman of Turin. Italian popular costume of 1821.

Donna, Torino, Costume, popolare, italiano,
Female of Turin 1821

Costume of Turin.

Donna di Torino. Costume popolare italiano del 1821.

AT Turin the dress of the females is very remarkable. The elaborate and various forms of their caps are singular and picturesque.

The one here given is more common than any other, and at a distance has a particularly striking appearance, resembling a plumed helmet. The features of the face are also different from most of their country women, appearing to combine the Swiss and Italian characteristics.

Source: Sketches Illustrative of the Manners and Costumes of France, Switzerland and Italy.” Illustrations by Richard Bridgens. Text by J. W. Polidori London. Baldwin, Cradock & Joy. 1821.


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