Baron of the Holy Roman Empire Costume.

Baron of the Holy Roman Empire. Emperor Charles V. Renaissance fashion period. 16th century military uniforms.

Wessel van den Boetzelaar, Baron of the Holy Roman Empire

Baron of the Holy Roman Empire Costume. Wessel van den Boetzelaar.

  1. Walraven Mom, Lord of de Rode Toren
  2. Walraven van Arckel, Lord of Waardenburg etc. – Ammersoyen Castle
  3. Wessel van den Boetzelaar, Baron of the Holy Roman Empire, Lord of Asperen. The family van (den) Boetzelaer is a Dutch noble family, which originally comes from the field of Kleve. It comes from the family of Galen.
  4. Diederick van der Lip, named Hoen, Lord of Afferden etc.
  5. Joachim van Hoemen
  6. Johan Mom van den Rooden Toren, judge in Arnhem.

Galerie: Costume cavalcade, has held by members of the Leidsch Studenten Corps, at 24th of June 1890, commemmorating the 300th anniversary of Leyden University, re-living the State-entry of Emperor Charles V (1500-1558), into Nijmegen municipality, the Netherlands, 9th February 1546.

Note:  16th and 17th century costumes.

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