Brasses at Boughton Malherbe, Kent, England 16th c..

There are a few good brasses of women, singly or with their husbands, belonging to the fifteenth century. Many of the peculiar head-dresses and other distinguishing characteristics of the costume of this century are well represented.

The pedimental head-dress, which had so long a reign, is well represented by the brasses at Boughton Malherbe; and the same examples show the belt and pendant chain, from which the ladies of those days used to hang their pomanders, or little bells and such like knick-knacks.

Brasses at Boughton Malherbe.

  1. Edward Wotton and his Wife, Dorothy, with marginal inscription and two crests, 1529.
  2. Nicholas Wotton, his Wife Elizabeth, and seven children, kneeling, 1499.
  3. Edmond Sanford, inscription, 1652.

Source: Kentish brasses by William Douglas Belcher. London: Sprague, 1888.

See also: Hall of Boughton-Malherbe, County of Kent. Elizabethan England.

Illustration Galan, middle ages, b/w,

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