The Colliers’ Strike in South Wales. Tip Girls outside of a coal mine.

Tip Girls, Colliers' Strike, South Wales, Victorian, worker, clothes,
Strike in South Wales.

The Colliers’ Strike. England victorian worker clothes.

The Colliers’ Strike in South Wales. Tip Girls outside of a coal mine in South Wales, by William Bromley (1769-1842).

The Welsh Miners’ Strike of 1898 was an industrial dispute in south Wales. It began as an attempt by the miners, led by William Abraham (Mabon) to abolish the sliding scale system of varying wages based on the price of coal. The workers were locked out by the employers, and this lasted for six months. Eventually, they had to return to work without achieving their objective.

This strike is seen as an important milestone in the development of trade unionism in south Wales. The South Wales Miners’ Federation was formed as a result of the failure of the strike.

Online: The colliers’ strike in South Wales by Alexander Dalziel.


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