Merveilleuse with costume Domino Garni de Dentelle.

Merveilleuses, costume, directoire, Horace Vernet, neoclassical,
Domino Garni de Dentelle. Drawing by Horace Vernet

Costume Domino Garni de Dentelle. Cornette de Lévantine.

Merveilleuse. French neoclassical fashion between 1795–1799. France Directoire, Empire period, England Regency, Georgian era.

Source: Les “Incroyables et Merveilleuses”. Published 1814 by Pierre de La Mesangere. Engraved by George-Jacques Gatine. Drawings by Horace Vernet.


  1. The French Republic 1789 to 1804.  (Directory, Regency, Georgian)
  2. Nymphs and Merveilleuses. Directoire, Neoclassical, Regency, Empire by Octave Uzanne. 
  3. Reign of Napoleon I. 1804 to 1814. French First Empire fashion. (England Regency, Georgian fashion period)
  4. Reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X. 1815 to 1830. The Restoration period, Romantic era, German Biedermeier.
  5. The days of the Directoire by Alfred Allinson.
  6. Comparison of the French and English modes. The Regency fashion period 1808-1815.
  7. Fashion and costume in the eighteenth century
  8. The French Republic 1789 to 1802.
  9. Fashion under the French Revolution.
  10. The Execution of the King Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette
  11. Fashion during the french revolution. Paris 1793 to 1795.
  12. Fashion in Paris after the Revolution 1796-1800.

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