Lord and French nobles fashion. 16th century. Reign of Louis XIII.

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Seigneur et nobles Français. XVIe siècle. Règne de Louis XIII.

Lord and French nobles. 16th century. Reign of Louis XIII.

Seigneur et nobles Français. XVIe siècle. Règne de Louis XIII. D’après le tableau d’Abraham Bosse, en 1633.

Abraham Bosse (1604 – 1676) was a French engraver and etcher. Bosse provided a tremendous amount of leaves with culturally and historically interesting descriptions of ceremonies, festivals and scenes from the life of the people. He was a friend of the architect and mathematician Girard Desargues and presented some of his ideas are in popular form, as this could Desargues himself.

Source: Paris à travers les siècles. Histoire nationale de Paris et des Parisiens depuis la fondation de Lutèce jusqu’à nos jours, par Henri Gourdon de Genouillac, 1879. Henri Gourdon, known as Gourdon de Genouillac (1826 – 1898) was a French historian, novelist and heraldist specialising in the French nobility and its coats of arms. He was scientific editor of the Journal des employés de Paris, the Journal héraldique, the Monde artiste (1862-1898) and the Passe-temps, a literary and anecdotal journal.

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Dress Codes: How the Laws of Fashion Made History by Richard Thompson Ford.


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Note:  James, Duke of Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Cambridge in 1649.

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