Rome. Furniture and Appliances of Antiquity. Pompeii, Herculanean.

Rome, Furniture, Appliances, Antiquity, Pompeii, Herculanean,
Rome. Furniture and Appliances.


  • No. 1. Marble Curulian armchair, found in the Roman Forum on the site of the ancient Roman tribunal under Paul III.
  • Nos. 2, 3. Geometric front and back view of the armchair without the base, after Piranesi.
  • No. 4. Bedstead, found in Pompeii in 1868.
  • No. 5. Iron suitcase from Pompeii.
  • Nos. 6, 7, 8, 9. Three keys and a lock, after a cut stone in the museum of Florence.
  • Nos. 10, 11. Four-legged table and cupboard after Herculanean wall paintings.
  • No. 12. Terracotta casting vessel. From the Hamilton Collection.

Source: History of Costume in Chronological Development by Auguste Racinet. Edited by Adolf Rosenberg. Published by Firmin-Didot et cie. Paris, 1888.