French baroque and rococo wigs. Diderot`s Encyclopaedia

Wigs, Baroque, Rococo, 18th century, fashion, Allonge, Diderot, Encyclopaedia
Wigs. Rococo, Baroque. 18th c. France.

Wigs of men and woman. Baroque, rococo. 18th century

No.1. Wig with two tails.
No.2. Bag wig.
No.3. Square wig.
No.4. Newly growing wig.
No.5. An abbé wig
No.6. Woman`s wig
No.7. Wig à catogan
No.8. French wig, perruque à la brigadière
No.9. Knotted wig

(From Diderot`s Encyclopaedia)

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