Costumes of the Habsburg Austro-Hungarian monarchy 1896.

Costumes of the Habsburg monarchy.

This costume drawings are characterized by an extraordinary wealth of details. The illustrated  costumes and their characters are involved in a stylized braid of everyday situations. The drawing quality reflects the original vitality of his characters with rare realism, sometimes seems like old medieval painting. It’s a pleasure to discover the sophisticated details. Originally published as a children’s book in 1896.

The peoples of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
Published by Johann Nepomuk Vernay, Austria, 1896.

List of plates.

  • Folk costumes of Maurowalachen, Morlakian peoples from Dalmatia.
  • Folk costumes from Bosnia.
  • Folk costumes of Hungary, Magyars, dancing the Czárdás.
  • Folk costumes of Transylvania, Romania.
  • Folk costumes of Poland
  • Folk costumes of Slowenia.
  • Folk costumes of Dalmacija.
  • Folk costumes of Bucovina.
  • Folk costumes of Moldawia.