Church Vestments and Textiles by Margery Roberts

Sewing Church Linens by Elizabeth Morgan.

Vestments for All Seasons by Barbara Dee Baumgarten.

Nomadic priest costume. Kalmyk Buddhist 19th century.

Nomadic priest costume. Kalmyk Buddhist 19th century clothing. Mongolia clothing

Kalmyk priest

Nomadic priest. Kalmyk Buddhist.

The Kalmyks are a Buddhist, western Mongolian nomadic people. They live mainly in the autonomous Russian republic of Kalmykia. They belong to the Asian strain of the Oirat, in China they were called Dsungars. One area in China is still called that Dzungaria. As part of tribe in the wake of Genghis Khan, they controlled large areas of Central Asia and Russia.

Blätter für Kostümkunde. Historische und Volkstrachten.
(Sheets for costume. Historical and folk costumes.)
Published by Franz Lipperheide, Berlin 1876.