A Turkish woman in a provincial dress. Ottoman Empire 1800.

Turkish woman dress. Turkey traditional clothing. Historical Ottoman empire costumes.

A Turkish woman in a provincial dress.

A Turkish woman in a provincial dress.

Historical Ottoman Empire officials and ethnic groups.

No dress can possibly be better calculated to conceal the person than that worn by the Turkish females, both in Constantinople and the country, whenever they appear abroad. No woman is ever seen without her maharmah, which is generally formed of muslin; one part of which fastens under the chin, and encloses the head, the other crosses the mouth and nose, and admits only space enough to see from. They also constantly wear a feredje, which entirely envelopes the whole person.

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The costume of Turkey. Illustrated by a series of engravings; with descriptions in english. By Octavian Dalvimart. Printed by Howlett and Brimmer. Published in London, 1802.

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