Persian woman costume. England Victorian Romanticism.

Persian, costume, Black Romantic, Victorian,
Persian costume, 1838.

Persian costume. English Black Romantic at the beginning of the Victorian age.

THE Persians are said to have imitated the Egyptians; but, except perhaps in the veil or head-dress of this figure, in which some slight analogy may be traced with that of the daughter observable. The costume before us, however, may be relied upon as correct, since it was taken from an original portrait by a Persian artist.

English Black Romantic. Idealized, kitschy representation of women at the beginning of the Victorian age in the spirit of Lord Byron. The coronation of Victoria took place at Westminster Abbey on June 28, 1838.

Black Romantik

Source: Beauty’s costume; a series of female figures in the dresses of all times & nations by Leitch Ritchie. London, Longman’s 1838.

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