Mme. Premet fashion. Model of Crepe Chinois 1913

France Fin de siècle fashion. French haute couture gown. Belle Epoque costume by Couturier Mme. Premet

Premet Model of Crepe Chinois

Mme. Premet fashion. Model of Crepe Chinois 1913.

Plaid silk deep girdle and sash. Black Crepe Chinois skirt. White chiffon waist embroidered with tiny drop bulton of old rose beads and gold thread. Pleated maline lace trims waist and cuffs.

House of Premet. Parisian fashion house (1911 to 1931) founded by Mme. Premet. Other famous designer of the house Premet were Alix Gres, Mme. Lefranc and Mme. Charlotte.

Gallery: France Fin de siècle fashion. Haute couture costumes, spring season 1913.

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