Close gown of sprig muslin. Bonnet of yellow satin. May 1795.

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Close gown of sprig muslin. Bonnet of yellow satin.

The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 2. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.

Morning dresses May 1795


The hair combed in curls and ringlets. Bonnet of yellow satin, lined with white, trimmed with a yellow band-feather, and a piece of yellow satin, forming a large bow in the front; two yellow ostrich feathers placed behind the bow. Round gown of muslin, embroidered at the bottom; short sleeves. Small handkerchief. Narrow ruff of black lace round the neck. Black scarfed cloak, trimmed with black lace. Yellow gloves and shoes.


The hair in curls and ringlets. White stamp paper hat, lined with white silk; the crown trimmed with lilac and yellow silk, in the form of a twisted turban; a large bow of lilac riband on the left side, and tied down with lilac riband. Close gown of sprig muslin; long sleeves; narrow flounce at the bottom. Small handkerchief. Black scarfed cloak, trimmed with a broad black lace. Yellow shoes.


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