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In the 1920s, the term designated Flapper, someone who flutters, young women who wore short skirts and short hair, listened to Jazz and confidently put in Scene contrary to the prevailing morality. The Flapper were considered naughty and immoral because they wore make-up, hard alcohol drinking and smoking. As a possible model for the type of the flapper, the independent young woman, the Gibson Girl applies. Although there is between the Gibson Girl and the Flapper no outward similarity, but were for the Gibson Girl independence and self-confident femininity typical.

Mrs. Condé Nast, Clarisse Coudert, fashion designer, 1917.

Conde Nast, Clarisse Coudert, famous, Fortuny tea gowns,

Mrs. Condé Nast wearing one of the famous Fortuny tea gowns.

Mrs. Condé Nast wearing one of the famous Fortuny tea gowns.
This one has no tunic but is finely pleated, in the Fortuny manner, and falls in long lines, closely following the figure, to the floor.
Observe the decorative value of the long string of beads.

Clarisse Coudert, Condé Nast in 1917.

Clarisse Coudert, a fashion designer, was the wife of the owner of the fashion magazine Vogue, Vanity Fair, Condé Montrose Nast. The couple separated in 1919 and divorced in Paris in 1925.
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