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Traditional Switzerland national costumes. Folk dresses from the Canton of Valais

Folk costumes of a Wedding couple from Valais Lötschental.

Traditional Switzerland costume. Swiss folk costume. Clothing Canton of Valais

Wedding couple from Valais Lötschental.

Wedding couple from Valais Lötschental. Switzerland national costumes.

The Swiss national costumes of XVII – XIX century originals. Original recordings from the Swiss costume festival, Zurich 14 March 1896.

Gallery: Swiss national costumes from 1896

Ecclesiastical Dress. Regular of Saint Maurice of Agaune

Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Dress. Religious monk habit

Canon Regular of Saint Maurice of Agaune

Ecclesiastical Dress. Canon Regular of Saint Maurice of Agaune, Switzerland, 5th Century.

Saint Maurice was the Celtic Acauno place on the Upper Rhone Valley, which was expanded by the Romans to the garrison for its outstanding strategic location. The Roman centurion Mauritius allegedly suffered there with all his soldiers towards the end of the 3rd Century. The remains of Mauritius and his companions were transferred by Bishop Theodore, the first bishop of Valais, in a shrine at the base of the rock at today’s town of Saint-Maurice.

Published by Pierre Hélyot (1660–1716), Franciscan friar and historian.
L’Histoire des ordres monastiques, religieux, et militaires, et des congregations seculieres, de l’un et de l’autre sexc, qui opt ate etablies jusqu’d present (History of Religious and Military Orders.), published in 8 volumes in 1714-1721. Artists and Engravers P. Giffart, Thomassin, T. Duflos.

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