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Costumes and Fashion in 1580, 16th century. Late medieval dresses.

Henri de Lorraine, duc de Guise.

Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Guise, dit le Balafré. Histoire de la mode renaissance. 16ème siècle costume.

Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Guise, dit le Balafré. Assassiné le 23 décembre 1588.

Henri de Lorraine, duc de Guise.

France 16th century. Reign of Henri II. Renaissance fashion history.

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Henri III. Renaissance fashion era.


Renaissance Fashion History. Reign Henri III. 16th century costumes. Nobility court dress.

Fashion under the Reign of Henri III. 1574 to 1589.

Renaissance fashion in the Reign of Henri III. 1574 to 1589.

Table of Content

Opposition to the laws of King Henri III. on dress — The wife of President N .— How both sexes evaded the edicts – Gowns from Milan — Mixture of masculine and feminine fashions —Rage for perfumes — Recognition of rank is demanded — Costumes worn at Cognac by Marguerite de Valois in presence of the Polish, ambassadors, and her costume at Blois — Brantôme’s opinion — Pointed bodices, puffed out sleeves, and “bourrelets” — Remarks on hair — Ridiculous dress of men — Poucet, the preacher — Satirical lines on Joyeuse — Witty remark of Pierre de I’Estoile — Starch used by Henri III. — Cushions.

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Lady of the French Court in Spanish fashion 1579.

Lady of the French Court in Spanish fashion. Ancien Régime fashion. Renaissance nobility costume.

Lady of the Court, Reign of Charles IX 1579

Lady of the French Court in Spanish fashion. Reign of Charles IX 1579.

“Modes et Costumes Historiques“. Drawing by Xavier Willemin. Edited and steel engraving by Hippolyte Louis Emile and Polidor Jean Charles Pauquet. Published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin London, 1864

Joanna Grand Duchess of Florence.

Renaissance costume. 16th century fashion. Franz Lipperheide.

Joanna Grand Duchess of Florence

Joanna Grand Duchess of Florence, born Archduchess of Austria, 1547-1578.

Italian renaissance costume. Early baroque period. The Spanish fashion was the fashion of the late renaissance and Spanish baroque, the period between 1500 and the Thirty Years War 1618 to 1648. At the Spanish court and the Habsburg Empire was the Spanish court dress ceremonial.

“Sheets for costume design: historical and folk costumes. Published by Franz Lipperheide, 1876-1887

Renaissance Costumes 16th Century, Germany

Men's Middle Ages Dresses. German Medieval Fashion. Renaissance clothing of german nobility

German nobility costumes in 1580

Renaissance costumes in 1580. Fashion of German Nobility (Palatinate), 16th Century.