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Belle Époque summer costume of striped Eolienne.

Art nouveau, Fin de siècle fashion. Belle Epoque costumes. Sans-Ventre-Corset. 1910s clothing

Costume of striped Eolienne 1906

Summer toilet of striped Eolienne, 1906. German Belle Époque fashion.

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Art Nouveau costume, reform dress, 1900

Greek tunic. German Art Nouveau reform clothing in 1900

Greek tunic acts as a reform dress

Art Nouveau fashion 1900, Reform dress.

Depiction of a woman in a so-called reform dress. These clothes were to prevail and remained an episode of the early 20th century fashion history. The background was a reform movement, which for an exemption from social constraints and, consequently, against the health damaging fashion, for example, the corset, pleaded.
Monte Verita at Ascona in the Ticino, was a stronghold of the movement. Founded by pacifists and reformers Gusto Gräser, it became a rallying point for the former alternative movement. Mary Wigman, Hermann Hesse, Erich Mühsam, Emil Jannings, and Isadora Duncan, just to name a few, were connected with this place.
On this postcard, the woman is presented in manner of a Greek tunic. But what coincides with the above-mentioned epoch.
By the prudery of the society of that time, the classic antique was used as a model for a clothing Reformation.

Premet Model of Crepe Chinois. Paris spring season 1913.

 Couturier Premet. Fin de siècle fashion. Haute couture gown. Belle Epoque.

Premet Model of Crepe Chinois

Premet Model of Crepe Chinois, 1913.

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Fashion Belle Epoque in Buenes Aires, Argentina 1890.

Art nouveau period costume. Belle Epoque Fashion and hair style in Buenes Aires

Art nouveau costume 1890

Buenes Aires, Argentina in 1900. Fashion Belle Epoque.

Salon photography in the late 19 Century. The equipment of the studio following the Paris fashion around the turn of the century. Popular was the reminder to all Chinese and Japanese as pictured here as Parafent.
The dress has high neck with a high waist. The emphasis lies on the shoulders. The breast area is occupied by a valance, ruffled sleeves, tapered at the bottom. The narrow sleeve cuffs close with lace. The skirt is cut, bell-shaped. A high collar emphasizes his head.

Vintage Beachwear around 1900. Art Nouveau period fashion.

Boho swimsuit, swimwear in 1900. style of Belle Époque or Art Nouveau.

Swimming costume in 1900

Vintage Beachwear around 1900. Belle Époque, Art Nouveau period fashion.

Tailored bathing suit, beach wardrobe to the turn of the century. The swimsuit was worn knee-length and was filled with frills and flounces. The material was mostly calico, a sleek and compact cotton fabric, color printed or woven. Usually a corset was worn. A large bathing cap or hat against the sun, all sorts of Zirat, shoes completed the morally acceptable beach attire for women. It was wading in the main in the water, swim was the exception, and was also given the severity of the clothes, ill-advised. This period was marked with dress codes to the moral decline should stop it. Especially in Prussia did Regulations forth over the length of the female swimwear and behavior at public beaches.

Belle epoque costume and style. Argentina 1900.

Art Nouveau costume, Fin de siècle fashion dress and hair style. Belle Epoque in Argentina

Belle Epoque style Argentina

Belle epoque costume and style. Argentina 1900.

Art Nouveau period. Portrait of a young woman in Buenes Aires, Argentina in 1900. Dressed and decorated in the manner of a bride with a bouquet of flowers.

Belle Epoque Fashion Buenes Aires in 1890

Pretty girl Buenes Aires, Communion costume. Costume Argentina. Art Nouveau – Buenes Aires Belle Epoque Fashion

Buenes Aires, Argentina, Communion costume

Costume Argentina. Art Nouveau – Buenes Aires Belle Epoque Fashion

Buenes Aires Belle Epoque Fashion

Costumes art nouveau period. Buenes Aires, Argentina in 1900

Picture above shows a young girl in communion costume. The illustration below shows a woman from the early 1900’s. Costume and hairstyle in accordance with the period style of the late 19th century. The dress is covered with a lace collar and billowing sleeves. The hair is pinned up, creating a vertically elongated is generated. The silhouette appears narrower in creating a visually even larger body.

Fin de siècle fashion. Art nouveau costume. Style in 1900

Art nouveau costume and fashion style in 1900

Fin de siècle style 1900

Fin de siècle fashion. Art nouveau costume. Style in 1900.

Illustration about 1900, shows a girl in front of a vibrant landscape in art nouveau fashion. The wide cut of the clothing corresponded of the reform movement. The corset was rejected as harmful to health.

Belle epoque fashion in 1890, Germany.

Belle Epoque Fashion Costumes. Art nouveau clothing. Fin de siècle dresses.

Belle Epoque Fashion 1890, Germany

Belle epoque fashion 1890, Germany. Couple dancing the valse bleue.

Belle epoque is the term for a period of about 30 years at the turn of 19th to the 20th century. The Belle Epoque occurred mainly on the boulevards of the metropolis, in the cafes and cabarets, the studios and galleries, concert halls and salons, supported by a middle and upper middle class. In fashion, a liberation from the constricting of Victorian pageantry and Wilhelmine fashion was to the development of the reform mode and after 1900 by the abolition of the corset.

Création de couturier Paul Poiret

Paul Poiret, Fin de siècle era, fashion. costumes. Art Nouveau, Art deco, Flapper, Gibson girls, Roaring Twenties

Création by Paul Poiret

Création de couturier Paul Poiret.

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Art Nouveau Costumes by Paul Poiret in 1908.

Couturier Paul Poiret, Art Nouveau Costumes, French Vintage Haute Couture Fashion

Création by Paul Poiret

Création by French fashion designer, couturier Paul Poiret (1879–1944).

Art Nouveau Costumes by Paul Poiret in 1910th.

”Les Robes de Paul Poiret racontée par Paul Iribe”
Printed by Société général d’impression.
Published Paris 1908