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Middle Ages costumes and fashion. Period between 700 to 15th century. Style of Byzantine, Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

Costume Burgundian Nobility. Princess with hunting falcon

Costume Burgundian Nobility. Medieval Burgundy costume. 15th century costumes

Burgundian princess with falcon.

Princess with hunting falcon at the beginning of the 15th century.

Costume Burgundian Nobility.  Sheets for costume design. Published by Franz Lipperheide, Germany.

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Isabeau de Baviere in French medieval court dress

Isabeau de Baviere. French medieval court dress. Middle ages clothing. Burgundy costume.

Isabeau de Bavière (1370-1435)

 Isabella of Valois. French medieval court dress. Middle ages clothing. Burgundy costume.

Isabelle de Valois (1389–1409)

Isabeau de Baviere in French medieval court dress

Isabeau de Bavière  (1370-1435) was the wife of Charles VI. (1368-1422) “the Beloved or the madman” was 1380-1422 king of France. With her he had twelve children, eight of whom survived to adulthood. One of them, the daughter Isabelle of Valois (1389-1409) married in childhood standing, from 1396 to 1399 as the second wife of Richard II. and became Queen of England. Following the murder of her husband, she returned to France and married in 1406 her eleven years old cousin, the future Duke Charles d’Orléans. She died at the birth of her only daughter Johanna in childbirth.

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Marie of Hainaut. French medieval fashion.

Marie of Hainaut. French medieval fashion. Nobility gown. Queens costume. Middle ages clothing

Marie de Hainaut (1280 – 1354)

Marie de Hainaut (1280 – 1354). French medieval fashion. 14th century nobility.

Marie de Hainaut also known as Mary of Avesnes daughter of John II, Count of Holland and Philippa of Luxembourg was married with Louis I, Duke of Bourbon.

Louis Marie Lanté b. 1789. Galerie Française de femmes célèbres 1827 (Gallery of famous French women).

The Crusades history. Teutonic Order of Knighthood.


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Master and Knight of the Teutonic Order

The Knights of the Teutonic Order of Knighthood.

Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem. History of German Crusaders, 12th Century.

“War, of all bad things Worst, and man’s crowning crime; save when for faith Or freedom waged.” Bailey. Continue reading

The First Crusade. The Knights Hospitallers.


Crusades, Crusader, Knights Hospitallers. Malta. Military orders. St. John. Monastic Costumes.

Hospitallers of St. John. The Knights of Malta.

The Knights hospitallers of St. John, – Knights of Malta.

Table of content

The eleventh century — Pilgrimage to Jerusalem — Difficulties of pilgrims from Europe — The two Italian merchants — The first Hospital of St. John at Jerusalem — Jerusalem taken by the Turcmans — New miseries of pilgrims — Peter the Hermit — The First Crusade
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Templars. The Second Crusade. 12th century.

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The Knights Templar. Order of the Temple.


The Knights Templar. Medieval Military Religious Orders.

“The firmest bulwark of Jerusalem was founded on the Knights of the Hospital, and of the Temple, the strange association of a monastic and military life.” — Gibbon. Continue reading