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Middle ages costumes in 1380, 14th Century.

Corsages. Les modes du Moyen Age. Costume féminin français.

Corsages, Corset, Bliaut, modes, Moyen Age, Costume, Peliçon, Surcot, français,

L’histoire du costume féminin français. Les modes du Moyen Age, de l’an 1037 à l’an 1461. Corsages. Corset de l’an 1320, Bliaut an 1460, Peliçon, Robe armoriée, Surcot de femme, Pour point sous Philippe IV

Italian fashion history of the 14th and 15th century.

Medieval Italian 14th century clothing

In the fifteenth century Italian dress exhibited the same variety as that of France, England, and Germany. In Italy, as in other countries, numerous enactments were promulgated with the object of restraining the ever-increasing luxury in attire, but these were just as unsuccessful in Italy as elsewhere.

Page of the French court of Charles V, 1380. Gothic costume period.

Page of the French court of Charles V. Medieval Burgundian fashion. Middle ages court dress. Goth costume

Page of the French court of Charles V, 1380. Burgundy Gothic costume period. Original title: “Page Regne de Charles V d’apres Willemin 1380” Nicolas Willemin Xavier (1763-1833) was a French writer… Read More