Lawn petticoat, chip hat, round gown. Regency era.

Lawn petticoat. Georgian fashion. Neoclassical costumes. Neoclassical costumes.


Morning Dresses. Lawn petticoat, chip hat, round gown.

The Gallery of Fashion July 1794. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.

FIG. XVI. Morning Dresses.

Straw hat with carnation-coloured stripes, trimmed with rose-coloured ribands; a white gauze handkerchief with a lilac border, placed in the bow behind. The hair frizzed in light curls, and hanging down in ringlets behind. Lawn petticoat, with a narrow flounce. Plain night gown of chintz with long sleeves, the train hound with yellow riband. Plain lawn handkerchief. Rose-coloured sash. White lawn cloak, trimmed with lace. A gold anchor suspended by a gold chain round the neck. Yellow shoes and gloves.


Plain white chip hat, trimmed with lilac ribands tied round the Crown, and forming at the left side an easy bow. One white and one lilac-coloured feather placed near the from on the left side. The hat tied under the chin with a lilac riband. The hair lightly frizzed. The chignon turned up plain, the ends returned in ringlets. Round gown of lawn with a narrow border embroidered in lilac. Long sleeves; a plaiting oflace round the neck. Plain handkerchief put within the gown; a high tucker, trimmmed with a narrow edging. Lilac-coloured sash. A gold anchor suspended by a blue riband over the shoulders. Light blue shoes. Grey gloves.


Straw-coloured gipsy hat, trimmed with light blue ribands, forming a large bow in the front, tied under the chin with a white lawn handkerchief with an embroidered border; two white ostrich feathers placed on the right side. Round gown of muslin, flounced at the bottom. Short sleeves. Plain white handkerchief, over it a blue silk one with a striped border. Blue and yellow striped sash. A gold anchor suspended by a blue riband round the neck. Yellow shoes and gloves.

 Louis XIV., Louis XV., Louis XVI., Baroque, Rococo, Directoire, French Revolution, Regency, Empire, Restoration or Romanticism fashion era. German Biedermeier.


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