The Regency fashion. Chemise of spotted muslin. Lawn petticoat. 1795.

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Morning Dresses, April 1795

Chemise of spotted muslin. Lawn petticoat. Morning Dresses. April 1795.


The hair dressed in ringlets. Chiffonet, arranged into the form of a turban, of white taffeta. spotted with silver; the end trimmed with a silver fringe, falling upon the shoulder.

Three white and two scarlet coloured ostrich feathers; and five diamond pins, forming a star, placed in the front. Petticoat of rich striped silk-gauze. Polonaise of scarlet velvet with Circassian sleeves, and full sleeves of striped silk gauze. Small muslin handkerchief within the belt. Gold chain round the neck. Pearl ear-rings. Ermine muff. White shoes.


The hair in small ringlets. Turban of coquelicot colored crape. Bandeau set with four rows of pearls, and a large pearl rosette in the middle.
One white and one coquelicot and white striped ostrich feather in the front, inclining forwards. Chignon turned up under the turban, and the ends returned over it in three small curls of different lengths. Lawn petticoat, trimmed with a narrow fringe, headed at some distance by a plait. Robe of coquelicot coloured Irish poplin, black velvet cuffs, and capuchin cape, trimmed with a broad white silk chain. The robe fastened by a clasp, set with pearls. Small muslin handkerchief within the robe. Pearl necklace and ear-rings. White shoes.


Hair dressed in ringlets. Bandeau and chiffonet of blue and white striped muslin. The Bandeau, crossed with pearls. One blue, and one blue and white striped ostrich feather on the left side. Chemise of spotted muslin with a narrow flounce, and a plaiting round the neck, headed with a blue riband; the sleeves tied in three parts with the same riband. Handkerchief within the chemise. Blue sash. Gold cross, necklace, and ear-rings. White shoes.



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