Spanish Torero. Spanish corrida de toros.

Spain national costumes.Torero costume. Manola.Bullfighting dress. corrida toros.

Spanish Torero

Spanish Torero.

Spanish corrida de toros, (bullfighting) Torero Manola costume.

Costumes historiques de ville ou de théatre et travestissements. Author: Jacques-Jean-Marie-Achille Devéria. Publisher Paris: Goupil et Vibert. Publisher London: Charles Tilt 1831-1839. Printed by: Lemercier & Cie.


Buddhist Priest and Gentleman of Loo choo. Japan.
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Edward Harding • Russian national costumes
Goatherd at the hot waters meadows. Costumes Pyrenees 1834.
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Wasudev Beggar. India Jaggi Vasudev. Indian Sadhguru
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Traditional Bavarian dresses from Starnberg in 1850.
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