Bullfighting Torero. Corridas de Toros en España.

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Espagnol Torero lancero

Bullfighting. Corrida de toros. Torero lancero costume.

In Spanish bullfighting, the corrida (“race”), the bullfighter is called torero (from toro = “bull”). The bullfight takes place in a bullring (Plaza de Toros), which usually serves this purpose exclusively. The essential element of bullfighting is the form of performance, the ritual that accompanies it.

Today’s style of bullfighting (such as fighting at eye level rather than from horseback, use of the muleta, killing with a single thrust) was developed in the early 18th century by Francisco Romero (1700-1763), the first professional bullfighter.

In 1796, the rules according to which Spanish bullfighting is essentially still carried out today were described for the first time in the book Tauromaquia by the matador José Delgado.

In 1830, Pedro Romero, a grandson of Francisco Romero born in 1754, founded the first bullfighting school in Seville. Another star of bullfighting was José Delgado, also born in 1754, called “Pepe Hillo”.

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