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Louis XVI costumes 1788-1789.

Louis XVI Fashion 1788-1789. French Rococo costumes. Court dress. Redingote. Hat à la androsmane

Louis XVI Costumes 1788-1789

Louis XVI Costumes 1788 – 1789. Hat à la Androsmane.

  • 437. Grey-powdered hair, stripes on both coal and stockings, 1788.
  • 138. Bustle (cull de grin) and fichu, 1788.
  • 439. Hat brim turned up front and back à la androsmane, stripes on both coat and stockings, 1788.
  • 440. White dress, striped coat, fichu and large muff, 1788. 441. Large straw hat with high crown and ostrich feathers, grey powdered hair, 1788.
  • 442. Coat made from woollen cloth instead of silk, grey-powdered hair, 1788.
  • 443. Muff blue coal, yellow leather breeches, long black boots and beaver hat, 1789.
  • 444. Man’s coat (redingote) over white dress, fichu and
  • man’s hat, 1789.

Source: « Histoire du costume » par Henry Harald Hansen.
Dessins de Ebbe Susen, Mogens Bryder et Kaj Norregaard.
 Traduit du Danois par Jaqueline Puissant.
Flammarion, Paris, 1954.

 Louis XIV. , Louis XV. , Louis XVI., Baroque, Rococo, Directoire, French Revolution, Regency, Empire, Restoration or Romanticism fashion era. German Biedermeier.


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Louis XVI fashion 1790-1792. French Revolution costumes.

Louis XVI fashion 1770-1795. French Rococo Costumes. French Revolution dresses.

Louis XVI Costumes 1770-1795

Louis XVI fashion 1790 – 1792. French Revolution costumes.

  • 453. All blue male costume with shoulder sash in red, white and blue, 1790.
  • 454. Dark blue masculine woman’s dress with red lapels and cravat, hat with cockade and ostrich Feathers, 1790.
  • 455. White dress, jacket laced in front; in the hand, a yo-yo, 1791.
  • 456. Grey-powdered hair with wreath of roses, red ribbon round neck, à la guillotine, 1791.
  • 457. Grey-powdered hair, brown coat with high red collar, yellow knee-breeches, blue embroidered waistcoat, 1791.
  • 458. Grey-powdered curled hair, small frilled hat, dress with stripes at hem, fichu, 1792.
  • 459. Grey-powdered hair, straw hat with ribbon under chin, fichu and scarf, 1792.

« Histoire du costume » par Henry Harald Hansen.
 Dessins de Ebbe Susen, Mogens Bryder et Kaj Norregaard.
Traduit du Danois par Jaqueline Puissant.
Flammarion, Paris, 1954.

Louis XVI fashion 1770-1795. Werther costume.

Louis XVI Costumes 1770-1795. French Rococo dresses. Court dress.

Louis XVI Costumes 1770-1795

Louis XVI fashion 1770-1795. Werther costume.

  • 445. Short-waisted, double-breasted red coat, waistcoat cut square, two watch chains, 1790. 
  • 446. Striped dress and high-crowned straw hat with ostrich feather, 1790.
  • 447. Long coat of pink satin over white dress, 1791. 
  • 448. High, turned-down collar and revers on both overcoat and coat, 1791.
  • 449. Loose, unpowdered hair worn straight, 1792.
  • 540. ‘Werther costume’: blue doth coat with high turned-down collar, yellow leather breeches, riding boots and beaver hat, 1792.
  • 451. Cravat rising to chin, 1792.
  • 452. Fichu rising to chin, 1793. 

« Histoire du costume » par Henry Harald Hansen. Dessins de Ebbe Susen, Mogens Bryder et Kaj Norregaard. Traduit du Danois par Jaqueline Puissant. Flammarion, Paris, 1954.


French Directoire costumes 1795 -1804

French Directoire costumes. Merveilleuse, Incroyable. Revolution dresses. 18th century fashion.

Directoire 1795 -1804

French Directoire costumes 1795 -1804

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