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Comtesse de Provence in Robe de Cour, Moyen Panier 1778.

Countess, Provence, Galerie des Modes, rococo, fashion, costume, baroque,
Robe de Cour, Moyen Panier 1778. LA COMTESSE DE PROVENCE.

Marie-Josephine Louise Bénédicte of Savoy, Princess of Savoy and, through her marriage, Countess of Provence and wife of the pretender to the throne of France, was born in Turin on September 2, 1753 and died at Hartwell House (Hartwell, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom) on November 13, 1810. Wife of Louis-Stanislas-Xavier of France, Count of Provence and future Louis XVIII, she escaped the French Revolution and ended her life in exile.

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Robe à l’Anglaise. Coiffée d’un Bonnet à la Janot.

Robe à l'Anglaise. Baroque dress. French rococo costume. Louis XVI fashion period.

Coiffée d’un Bonnet à la Janot.

Robe à l’Anglaise. Coiffée d’un Bonnet à la Janot, 1778.

Jeune Demoiselle vêtu d’une Jeune Demoiselle vêtu d’une Robe à l’Anglaise de Taffetas uni garnie d’une bande en platitudes; Coiffée d’un Bonnet à la Janot.

1er Cahier de la Collection d’Habillements Modernes et Galants, avec les habillements des princes et seigneurs. Designed by Claude-Louis Desrais (French, 1746–1816), Engraved by Martial Deny (French, born in 1745), Publisher Paul-André Basset.

Louis XVI costume period. Rococo fashion.

Louis XVI Costumes à la Polonaise 1778

Louis XVI Fashion 1778. French Rococo Costumes à la Polonaise. Court dress.

Louis XVI Costumes 1778

Louis XVI Costumes à la Polonaise 1778

  • 430. Woman with extravagant, coiffure, calf-length skirt (dupe) and jacket with back pleats (caraco); in her hand a walking slick, 1778.
  • 431. Male costume, 1778.
  • 432. Woman wearing tulle cap on top of elaborate coiffure, gown (robe) looped up à la polonaise, 1778.
  • 433. Man wearing coat with skirt cut away towards back; powdered wig and buckled shoes, 1778.
  • 434. Woman wearing tulle cap over elaborate coiffure, calf-length skirt (jupe), and gown (robe) looped à la polonaise; in one hand a fan. in the other a parasol, 1778.
  • 435. Girls’ dresses, 1778.
  • 436. Man wearing silk dressing gown, 1778.

« Histoire du costume » par Henry Harald Hansen. 
Dessins de Ebbe Susen, Mogens Bryder et Kaj Norregaard.
Traduit du Danois par Jaqueline Puissant.
Flammarion, Paris, 1954.

French Rococo fashion in the 18th century.

French Rococo fashion in the 18th century.

French Rococo fashion in the 18th century.

French Rococo fashion in the 18th century.

Top row left: French Rococo costumes of the years 1778-1779, 1774-1779, 1778-1780. Right: French Fashion of the 1787, 1792, 1787.
Bottom row left: French Rococo fashion of 1778 to 1780 1774 to 1779, 1777 to 1780. Right: French Fashion of 1781 and 1784.

On the history of costumes. Münchener Bilderbogen. Edited by Braun and Schneider 1860.

Fashion in the Reign of Louis XVI.


Le Pouf. French Rococo costume. Hairstyle Hoop skirt. 18th century clothing

Pouf à la Reine 1778

REIGN OF LOUIS XVI., 1780 to 1789.

Table of content

Peasant dress is universal – “Fashion “à la Marlborough”- Caps – Bonnets – Mdlles. Fredin and Quentin – Ruches – Low bodices; “postiches” – Costume of Contat · Suzanne – Fashions “à la Figaro” – Literature and politics signified in dress; the Princess de Monaco’s pouf – Pouf “à la circonstance;” the “inoculation” pouf – The “innocence made manifest” caraco – The “harpy “costume – Coats, cravats, and waistcoats, Sailor jackets and” pierrots” – Déshabilles; “the lying fichu” – Etiquette in dress Seasonable costumes – The queen’s card·table – State of trade in Paris, circa 1787 – “Pinceauteuses,” or female colorers.

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