Louis XVI costumes à la Polonaise 1778

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Louis XVI Costumes 1778

Louis XVI costumes à la Polonaise 1778

Examples of rococo fashion in the reigns of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.

  • 430. Woman with extravagant, coiffure, calf-length skirt (dupe) and jacket with back pleats (caraco); in her hand a walking slick, 1778.
  • 431. Male costume, 1778.
  • 432. Woman wearing tulle cap on top of elaborate coiffure, gown (robe) looped up à la polonaise, 1778.
  • 433. Man wearing coat with skirt cut away towards back; powdered wig and buckled shoes, 1778.
  • 434. Woman wearing tulle cap over elaborate coiffure, calf-length skirt (jupe), and gown (robe) looped à la polonaise; in one hand a fan. in the other a parasol, 1778.
  • 435. Girls’ dresses, 1778.
  • 436. Man wearing silk dressing gown, 1778.

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