Adoo Quamina in war dress. Ashanti Ghana.

Adoo, Quamina, Ashanti, Ghana, Africa, war dress,
Adoo Quamina.

Adoo Quamina

Adoo Quamina in war dress, a captain and courtier to the Ashanti king at Coomassie (Kumasi).

The Ashanti Region (in Akan: Asante Manta) is a region of Ghana with capital Kumasi. The vast majority of the population consists of members of the Akan people of the Ashanti.

Picture source: Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection at the Brown University Library.
Book: A Voyage to Africa, including a narrative of an embassy to one of the interior Kingdoms in the year 1820, with remarks on the course and termination of the Niger and other principal rivers in that country by William Hutton. Late acting consul for Ashantee, and an officer in the African Company’s service. Published by Longma, Hurt, Rees, Orme and Brown Paternoster-Row London 1821.


Note:  Costume of Gambia. Voyage to Africa 1823.
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