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The French Republic. The fashions of the Directory.

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The year 1789 – Masculine style of dress – The double dress vainshes – Caps “à la grand prêtresse”, “à la pierrot” and “à la laitière – The “pouf” bonnet – Paint and powder disappear – Prediction by the Cabinet des Modes – Anonymous caps – Cap “à la Charlotte Corday d’Armont” – Trinkets “à la Bastille” – Stéphanie Félicité du Crest de Saint’ locket – Cap “à la Bastille” – Federal uniforms – Claims to equality in dress – Reaction under the Directory – “Incroyables” and “Merveilleuses” – Coiffures “à la victime” and “à la Titus” – blond wigs and black wigs – The Hòtel Thélusson – Which is the most ridiculous? – Mme. Tallien’s costume – Epigram on bonnets “à la folie” – Reticules – Transparent dresses – Lines by Despréaux.

Fashion in the Reign of Louis XVI. 1780 to 1789. Modes de Paris.

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Fashion in the Reign of Louis XVI. Modes de Paris. Caps – Bonnets – Ruches – Low bodices – Coats, cravats, and waistcoats, Sailor jackets and” pierrots”.

Reign of Louis XVI. 1774 to 1780. The influence of Marie Antoinette.

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The influence of Marie Antoinette on fashion. Various styles of head-dresses. Rose Bertin the world’s first acclaimed couturier. Male and female hairdressers. The toilet of the queen of France. The opera.

The Evolution of Modern Feminine Fashion 1786.

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Rose Bertin, the Court dressmaker – Fashions in Paris à l’Anglaise – Gauze handkerchiefs round the neck – Hair-dressing – Excessive use of feathers in the hair – At Versailles a forest of feathers – Extravagant cost of feathers for hats

French fashion history in the Middle Ages. 1350 to 1380.

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The States of Languedoc – A young French lady in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries – Low dresses – Saying of a mercer – Damoiselles – Garnaches and garde-corps – Le Parement des dames – Social distinctions – High character is worth more than gilded belt – Precious stones – The castles and other dwellings of the middle ages – Splendid furniture – Humble abodes of the poor – Evening assemblies.