A female of the island of Naxos. Ottoman Empire ethnic groups.

Traditional Naxos costume. Greek national costumes. Ottoman Empire dresses.


A female of the island of Naxos. Ottoman Empire ethnic groups.

THE Isle of Naxos, of which this plate represents an inhabitant, is separated from that of Paros. so famous for its marble, by a very narrow straight. It is the largest of all the Cyclades, and can view with most of them in fertility, although its shores present only bold, barren, and almost inaccessible mountains to all who approach it. But these mountains are only so many barriers, which nature has formed, to oppose the violence of the winds; and thus preserve the riches of its plains and valise, so famous for their fruits and wines. The inhabitants of Naxos have been remarked even from the earliest times for their love of liberty. The men were brave and generous, the women modest and beautiful; but under the Turkish government little of their ancient spirit remains. The dress of the females is singular, yet, in many respects, elegant, particularly the headdress, which may vie even with the correct taste of the present British fashions.

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The costume of Turkey. Illustrated by a series of engravings; with descriptions in english. By Octavian Dalvimart. Printed by Howlett and Brimmer. Published in London, 1802.

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