Ecclesiastical robes. 16th and 17th Century.

Ecclesiastical, robes, Swiss Guard. Pope, Deacon, dalmatica, Alba, Chamberlain, Cardinal, Subdeacon,
16th and 17th century. Ecclesiastical robes.

Ecclesiastical robes. 16th and 17th Century.

Top row left to right: Chamberlain. Cardinal. Prelate. Right: Deacon with the dalmatic and Alba. Altar boy in surplice. Subdeacon in the Alba and colored stole.

Bottom row left: Swiss Guard. Pope in the robes. Pope in the house robe. Right: Bishop in choir sheath (Pluviale). Bishop in the vestments (Casula).

Source: On the history of costumes. From Ancient to the 19th century.


Note:  Transitional Female costume. Elizabethan fashion 1550 to 1620.
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