England Court Dress July 1795. Regency costume era.

England Court Dress July 1795. Georgian period. Regency costumes era.

Court Dress July 1795

England Court Dress July 1795. Heideloff`s Gallery of Fashion.


The hair dressed in light curls. Bandeau of silver crape, intermixed with the hair, crossed with silver laurels, and ornamented with diamonds. One lilac-coloured, and three white ostrich feathers, placed differently in the bandeau.
Petticoat of crape, embroidered in silver, trimmed with wreaths of laurels and festoons of lilac taffeta, in Vandyke scollops; double flounce at the bottom, with a silver fringe. Train and body of lilac crape; short sleeves à I’Espagnole, trimmed with blonde and pearls, and tied in two parts with a silver band. Full plaiting of blonde round the neck. Laurel tippet. Silver girdle. Festoon diamond necklace. Diamond ear-rings. Lappets of plaited blonde. White shoes embroidered in silver.

Gallery of Fashion. Vol. 2, April 1795 To March 1796.
Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.