English fashion in the 17th Century.

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English fashion in the 17th Century.

English fashion in the 17th Century.

Top row left to right: Anna, Countess of Chesterfield 1640. Gentleman of the court of Charles II 1665. Duke of Newcastle 1646. Right: William Villiers Viscont of Grandison 1640. Royalist soldier 1649. Nobleman 1649.
Bottom row left: Slingsby Bethel, Sheriff of London 1680. Cavalier under Charles II 1680. Duchess of Cleveland 1675. Right: James Marquis of Hamilton 1620. English citizens 1645. Francis Duchess of Richmond 1620. Palace Guard 1625. Baroque period, Galante Conduite.

Source: On the history of costumes. Münchener Bilderbogen. Edited by Braun and Schneider 1860.

Note:  Henri d'Albret, Grand-Père De Henri IV, d'après Gagnières, 1527.
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