Regency robe à la Polonaise of cherry-colored satin.

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Heideloff`s Gallery of Fashion. January 1795. England Afternoon dresses.

Regency robe à la Polonaise of cherry-colored satin.


The hair dressed in light curls; chignon turned up plain, and the ends returned in ringlets. Chiffonet of white satin, two white ostrich feathers and a large diamond pin placed on the left side. Lawn petticoat embroidered in gold, and trimmed with a black and gold fringe. Robe à la Polonaise of cherry-colored satin, bound with black velvet, long sleeves; olivets and chain down the back; handkerchief within the gown behind, drawn out in the front, and fastened by a-belt. Three strings of beads round the neck. Diamond ear-rings. Swan-down tippet. White gloves, and white shoes, embroidered and trimmed in gold.


The toupee dressed in light curls; plain chignon. Twisted turban of blue and white cross striped satin. One white ostrich feather placed in the front. Robe à la Polonaise, with long sleeves of sapphire blue poplin. trimmed at the wrists and at the bottom with black lace, and down the back with a black net lace chain, and blue and white olivets. White lawn embroidered handkerchief. Blue fox fur tippet.


The hair in light curls; chignon turned up plain. Chiffonet of white satin, the end trimmed with gold fringe, on the left side looped with a black gem netted chain. One white curled ostrich feather, the edges dyed in purple, placed on the left side, and a bunch of vulture feathers spotted with chenilles in the front. Plain lawn petticoat. Robe of black and pink striped satin; the long sleeves of white satin. Lawn handkerchief within the robe. Gold ear-rings.

Source: THE GALLERY OF FASHION Vol. 1,. April 1794 to March 1795. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.